AGE range of expertise includes:
• Project Management -Construction Management from Inception to Final completion
• Quantity Surveying
• Construction Estimating/ Cost Engineering
• Planning and Scheduling
• Office Space Relocation Services
• Move Management / Move Coordination.
• Project Control/Construction Quality Management.
• Graphic Art (Designing).
• Computer Support Engineering.
• All other Construction related Services
Core Fundamentals of the Business are:

• Providing the right engineering solution to projects
• Providing the highest level of service
• Employing the highest caliber people


Services Offered by AGE.

Brief Descriptions:-

Project Management:
Develop Project brief, select, appoint and coordinate the project team. Represent the client throughout the full development process managing the inputs from the client, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders.

Project Controller/ Construction Quality Management / Construction Management/ Contract Management Administration:
Coordinate Architectural/Engineering (A/E) Firm evaluation and recommendation for selection, Coordinate A/E and Client Design phase(s), Owner representation, Work with Client to determine need, Define Project team, Project Contract administration and negotiation recommendations through final Project close-out, Assure project is completed on Schedule within Budget, and in conformance with project specifications. Turnkey Project support from Initial Design Phase through Project completion, Coordination of A/E Services, IT Support, Furniture layout, Physical relocation and Contract Management etc.

Quantity Surveying / Cost Engineering:
Cost managers of construction. Initially involved with the capital expenditure phase of a building or facility at the feasibility, design and construction phases, but can also be involved with the extension, refurbishment, maintenance and demolition of a facility. Scope includes the following:
• Development and construction commercial management estimating,
• Project cost and schedule controls,
• Risk and contract management.
• Prepare budget, design and construction cost estimates for all disciplines. –Civil site work, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical etc.
• Prepare and present life cycle and cost benefit analyses on projects or programs,
• Review and analyze proposals by contractors and consultants for construction and engineering design services.
• Provide oversight and certification of estimates prepared by others.
• Analyze contractors’ claims, and perform price and cost analysis,
• Evaluate contractors’ bids or proposals, and analyze contractors’ cost schedules,
• Cost Management during Design Conception to Pre-bid Estimate,
• Design Option Cost Evaluation,
• Preparation of Bills of Quantities / Estimates, Technical analysis, Price negotiation objectives (PNO's) for contracting officers. Claims Control, including development and administration of - change order analysis procedures change order documents, claim requests, and delay issues/impacts. etc

Cost Estimating:
Provide cost estimates for design Intent drawing, Cost Estimates for Permit/Bid set of Construction Documents, Provide cost estimates for final Construction Documents, Provide cost estimates for the change orders. Prepares Independent Government Estimates (IGE's), technical analysis and assist Project managers.

Planning and Scheduling:
Examine documents, materials, and products, and monitor work processes, in order to assess completeness, accuracy, and conformance to standards and specifications. Review documents such as production schedules, work orders, and staffing tables to determine personnel and materials requirements, and material priorities etc.

Move Management::
Furniture Selection/ Specification Recommendation; Inventory existing Furniture for re-use. Responsible for Pre-move documentation of Interiors. On-site relocation coordination during physical move, Post- move validation Inspections, Space Planning Recommendation, Recommends Space requirement per individual Client Specifications, Agencies Matrix preparation, Block Plan development Recommendation, Stacking Plan Alternatives, Situational Space Review, Changes recommendation to Client Interior Designs, Provides Client with Conceptual Design.

Move Coordination:
Provide implementation and oversight for Project duration Responsible for Pre-move documentation of Interiors On-site relocation management during physical move Post- move validation Inspections.

Space Planning:
Space requirement per individual Client Specifications Agencies Matrix preparation Block Plan development Stacking Plan Alternatives Situational Space Analysis Changes recommendation to Client .

Graphic Engineering Design :
The Company is associated with FCO Art-Zone for Graphic Design see website

Computer Engineering Support:


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We Provide Professionals

  • Construction and Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Civil and Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical, Electrical,Plumbing Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Cost Estimators
  • Planners and Schedulers
  • Move Managers. Move Coordinators. Space Planners

  • Project Controllers/Construction Quality Managers

  • Graphic Artist (Designers)
  • Computer Support Engineers
  • Contract Specialist. Cost Analyst. Program Analyst

  • Administrative Support Services
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